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Foods That Trigger Silent Migraine Attacks

A silent migraine can be induced by various causes including different types of foods. Being able to identify these foods and avoiding its consumption can provide the sufferer a long-term relief against the condition. Some of the foods that you have to watched out for include the following:

* Fruits, Pickles and Legumes: among all types of foods that can trigger migraine attacks, legumes are considered as the primary culprit of the condition. Certain types of beans including Lima, fava, garbanzo, pole, navy, Italian and pinto beans can all trigger the condition. Aside from that, pickles and other fermented foods can also trigger the attacks. Notice the effects of kimchi, sauerkraut, raw garlic, olives and onions after consuming it. There are certain fruits that can also stimulate silent migraine episodes. Consumption of papaya, figs, prunes, overripe bananas and avocados can trigger an attack.

* Caffeinated and Alcoholic Beverages: all forms of alcoholic beverages, particularly red wine can trigger a silent migraine attack. You can conduct an experiment by testing each type of alcoholic drink to see how it affects your condition. You will surely find at least one type of alcoholic drink that can trigger the attacks and make sure that you avoid this next time. Some individuals also experience the condition after consuming caffeinated drinks. To determine if this too can trigger an attack, you can reduce its consumption or consume it alternately to see how it affects your silent migraine condition.

* Chocolate: this is also considered as the main trigger factor of the problem. Take note that chocolate contains various chemicals. Although some of these contents can actually soothe the condition, some can exacerbate the symptoms of the condition. If consuming chocolates trigger attacks, it would be best to avoid its consumption or take note of the particular type of chocolate that causes silent migraine symptoms and exclude it from your list of considerable chocolates.

* Aged Cheese: aged cheese is considered as the most reactive trigger factor for almost all types of migraine conditions. Experts believe that the older the cheese, the more problem it can cause to the condition. Cheese contains a chemical known as tyramine, which is associated to the development of various kinds of migraine problems. The longer the cheese is aged, the more tyrosine is contained. Tyrosine can also contribute to the elevation of blood pressure. The aged cheeses that should be avoided include Stilton, Gouda, brick, blue, brie, gruyere, camembert, parmesan, Romano, provolone and cheddar. Certain types of cheeses also contain MSG, which can result to various symptoms such as Muenster, Roquefort, processes cheese slices and feta.

Taking note of these and avoiding its consumption can greatly help you prevent silent migraine attacks and alleviate its symptoms. Remember that although the condition is not accompanied with headache, it can still be considered as a debilitating condition, especially in case of severe aura or visual problems. If you are experiencing extreme symptoms of the condition, it would be best to consult your physician for proper diagnosis and relief for the condition.

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